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Marriage isn't about individual happiness, says Fred Cressman, but rather the attempt to give "glory to God" and the "raising of godly children.

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His father also blames the advent of gay marriage in his state on the discrepancy between his values and those he sees prevailing in the Twin Cities. It goes against everything the Bible taught us. He was shocked when his grandson David FitzSimmons became one of four Republican House members to support the gay marriage bill. FitzSimmons had successfully amended the legislation to put the word "civil" in front of every reference to marriage, to protect religious institutions.

Todd Syrdal of Merrifield says he's known gay people all his life.

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In Crow Wing County, many residents refer to the Bible to explain their unhappiness about gay marriage. All couples need to treat each other with integrity and respect, he says. He recognizes that straight couples often fall short of this mark, and appreciates that gay couples are hoping for happiness and fulfillment through marriage. But he says that misses the point of the institution, which has a religious value beyond procreation. Heading into a hardware store in Crosslake, David Johnson says that same-sex marriage not only violates "the biblical definition of marriage," but may be part of a long line of societal trends such as divorce and out-of-wedlock births that have undermined family life.

People have been arguing about gay marriage in Minnesota for a long time. After they were turned down, they filed suit.

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In its ruling against them the following year, the Minnesota Supreme Court said that the "institution of marriage as a union of man and woman The statutes the court upheld back then no longer stand. Gay marriage is now part of Minnesota law. Most people accept that it's going to stay that way — even among those who are unhappy about it. Even in a part of the state where opposition to gay marriage runs strong, people express their tolerance for gays in general. Many Crow Wing residents, meanwhile, are happy that gays will now enjoy marriage equality with those who are straight, seeing value in the binding commitment between people who love one another.

Others, while still clearly uncomfortable with homosexuality, say that gays getting married will have no real impact on their lives. But some still remain concerned that gay marriage, now that it's come to the state, is a step in the wrong direction.

Minnesota United player Collin Martin comes out publicly that he's gay

Gene Ohman, a custom furniture builder camping along Cross Lake, says the "building blocks of our culture" are falling apart. Accessibility links Skip to main content Keyboard shortcuts for audio player. Oh, how wrong you can be!

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When you log onto a Minnesota dating site, you can double that within a few minutes. To us, free dating sites sound like a no-brainer. The Pew Research Center released some data in about online dating that is quite interesting:. Thousands of singles all over the world are joining the online dating movement. Gone are the days where people believed that you were desperate or there was something wrong with you that you had to result to the internet to find love.

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