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% free Gay gym stories at More than 12k of hot homosexual tales listed - we updated daily! The School Jock Lavell: Part 6 vote . A cute but shy senior finally works up the courage to ask his very handsome, potentially about an encounter I had with another man years ago while we were dating.
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On the last night of our living together he was moving because of a job we spent time chatting in the living room. One thing led to another and he hit on me. In turn, I hinted to him that I thought he was attractive. Nothing serious. Just basic oral and kissing. It was the only time I ever did it with another guy. Does that make me gay? Who knows. Once I figured out how it worked, I found myself getting hit on by other men.

One of them seemed pretty cool. I told him I was new to it all. The guy offered to blow me, NSA. Feeling bored, I decided to go through with it. I guess on some level I am bi and not really straight.

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Yep, I am. I used to attend a military college that was ROTC.

During my time there, I became close friends with a guy who would later become a Marine. To keep it real, we were both attracted to one another. We never came right out and said that but the shit was obvious. The thing is, we both had girlfriends. One weekend, we decided to hangout in his room and play some silly board game. While talking, we ended up getting intimate. It just did. We had always been close and hung out together as little kids.

At some point, we both took off our shirts and started comparing physiques. A touch here. A grab there. In time, we were both fully erect through our sweatpants.

I've always been straight

One of the things we would do is have a masturbation competition. Whoever shot the farthest was the winner. Stupid, huh? A friend and I decided to meet at a local bar and play pool. We had been throwing back a few and doing shots. By the time we left, we were both feeling pretty good if you get my drift. We ended up going back to his place to crash. Somehow, we both ended up making out together on the couch.

It was the weirdest thing. I still remember him excusing himself while we were making out to go to the bathroom. One day after practice, we all hit the showers to clean up and go our separate ways. Because I was curious, I decided to step into the shower with him after everyone left. But we did end up taking turns on each other in my car.

Straight Man at Your Gym

All of this happened years ago. There was just something about him that was attractive. It was always an informal thing — kind of random. On a Saturday afternoon, one of my buddies called me up and asked if I wanted to hang. Having nothing else to do, I figured why not. When I got there, my two friends were firing up. As evening approached, one of them started talking about dick size. At some point, of them whipped out his junk and got hard.

The other dude laughed and did the same. What else could I do but join in? Remember now, we were still flying high. The guy who originally started the whole thing began jerking. In a flash, all three of us were spanking our monkeys. After it all ended, we ordered a pizza.

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  6. It was just one of those guy things that you have to get out of your system. The best part was that all of us were around the same size. At this place, they had a backroom area with private rooms. Feeling curious, I decided to check it out. After stepping into a booth to watch a video, I noticed a medium size hole in the wall.

    Occasionally, I would see a tongue darting in and out. I stuck my junk through and let the guy do his thing. Oh, I know it was a guy because I could see his facial hair when he did the tongue thing. It kind of rocked! First, it began with some hand action. Later on, he started going down on me. The shit felt good!

    16 Gay Trainers to Follow on Instagram for New and Improved Fitness Goals

    I let him do his thing until I released. After that, I would go to see him twice a month. Then out of the blue, he told all of his customers he was moving to another state. That sort of sucked. It had gotten to the point that the real reason I was going to see him was for the head.

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    The dude was super talented. None of this counts as gay when you think about it.

    I went on a date with a JOCK

    For me, it was an informal game of six people 3 girls and three guys. The task? To let the gay guy in the group blow me. But two weeks later, I ended up doing it for real when me and the gay dude met up at my place. I admit — he kind of turned me on. The place? The steam room. The thing was so misty inside that it was hard to see in front of you. I dunno why.